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Black satin & lace
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Gate with a heart and Redbud Tree, Springtime in Charleston, SC
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hue and eye
the peacock’s hiccup

I never realized how hard it is to let someone new in and put all your trust in them, completely. I was always afraid to open up to someone new when I was alone, and I think that fear is what held me back from letting potential suitors in (that isn’t to say that I am not happy with where I am; I am 110% happy with my relationship and where I am in life, for the most part). 

But now I have a friend who did let someone new in after being single for 4 yrs, and is being screwed over. How do you learn to trust someone? How do you know they aren’t gona break your heart? How do you know they’re not like the rest of them? You don’t. That is such a scary thing to think about. I guess that is just a risk you have to be willing to take. Go with your gut. Idk. 


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